How are we ending human trafficking?
How are we ending human trafficking?

Our Strategy is 3 fold;
1. Raise money to build vocational centers in India for victims and at risk teens.
2. Raise awareness here at UMass and in our local community
3. Raise up a culture of others-centered freedom fighters

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Help Us End Human Trafficking!
Help Us End Human Trafficking!  
Help Us End Human Trafficking!

You can help us end human trafficking right here at UMass! Come drink our coffee, or join our team of baristas!

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We’re making progress!

It is our goal is to build a vocational every year. In order to reach our goal, we need to raise $18,000.00 each academic year. In 2012-13 we reached our goal, but this next year we will not have the income from the summer factored into our earnings. If we see a growth of 2 visitors per hour, we will reach our goal for 2014-2015.
Our vocational centers will help restore lives by giving vocational training both to survivors and those at risk of being trafficked around the world. Human trafficking is a complex issue, but we see our small role as part of a larger plan to end human trafficking around the world. Through our vocational centers, young children will learn English, and have a chance to go to school. The older students will begin to receive vocational training and eventually start their own business. This will give hope to a whole community. Our first vocational center will be located in a village in the Rajasthan area India. This village’s only commercial product is selling it’s young girls into the sex industry. The parents of this village love their children, but this industry is engrained into their culture waiting for someone to come and bring hope of a new life.

Please feel free to come in, see pictures and learn more.[/span6]

Everything you see in the Freedom Café was provided by people donating to the Freedom Café project. There are two simple areas where you can donate.

1. The Freedom Café Costs of Operations:
Like any coffee shop, there are costs to running a coffee shop. Donations to the Freedom Café go to pay for items needed in our retail space, equipment, advertising, etc. This is an important area because we are already needing to expand our operations to serve customers quicker, with a higher quality product.

2. Drink to Freedom:
Our goal is that eventually the donations that are given by visitors of our café will go directly to our cause. Until we can find donors for our product, we are taking that expense out of these donations. In the first couple months of operation approximately 63% of donations went directly to our cause.

3. Vocational Centers:
The first vocational center we helped establish was in the Jaipur region of India known as Rajasthan. The name that has been given to the vocational / community center is called Hope Village. Each school year we pick a locate strategic opportunity to invest in a vocational training center aiming to rescue and restore victims of human trafficking. Anyone can donate directly to our cause at any time.


All the coffee we use is direct trade. This means that those who work to bring us the finest of coffee, get the wage they deserve. We are also dedicated to ecological responsibility.

Currently the coffee we serve is from Deans Beans. Deans Beans is a family-owned certified organic, fair trade coffee roaster in Orange Ma. They offer great tasting products in a manner that supports peaceful social chance. Their business is characterized by an unyielding commitment to ethical business practices, people-centered development, and sound ecological practices.

Current Coffee Offerings;

Timor – Velvet Roast: A unique velvet with chocolate tones. This bold roast is a singe origen coffee from the Atsabe village in East Timor.

Uprising: Rise up singing with this soft and smooth blend of Vienna roasts: Bolivian and Salvadoran (hearty), Peruvian (sweet), Nicaraguan (bold and dry).

Colombian: A full-bodied, complex bean from Cordillera Central near Cauca. The standard by which all other coffees are judged.

At the foundation of the Freedom Café is our opportunity to free slaves of human trafficking and prevent at risk children from being trafficked. We can do this through our partnership with Jubilee Market. Our goal is that through our coffee shop and the dedication of our volunteers, that we will be able to open a vocational center every year. In these centers, women and their children will be cared for, educated while adults and parents learn a trade and are assisted in starting their own buisness. This allows them to leave the industry they have been trafficked into as they find freedom for them and their family.

Our Way

Currently 63% of donations go directly to building vocational centers in India established for victims and those at risk of being trafficked.

Our goal is that 100% of the money you give will go directly to our cause to restore victims of human trafficking. We should be able to do this because of our volunteers, tenants that live here, and the corporate sponsors that cover material costs. The only expense paid by donations is our product. To help us toward our 100% goal, help us by donating, or finding donors for our material costs.

We are still looking for sponsors for;

  • coffee
  • creamer, milk and syrups
  • fair trade organic sugar
  • stir sticks and other paper goods
  • Cups and lids


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